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Created in 2016 in Luxembourg, the P’OP company is directed by Béatrix Charlier.

P’OP proposes companies to (re)set their value and make sure that they work with the wishes of their salaries, to make them fully engage in long term. P’OP will operate directly in the company, through the participating workshops, to assist in recruiting talent and the facilitate interpersonal collaboration.

Thanks to the experience of coaching and the teaching of the founder Béatrix Charlier, P’OP has put together a novel approach to discovering or developing talents, enhancing intergenerational collaboration on the workplace and supporting the teams around a project community that supports the development of the enterprise.

OUR APPROACH: To guide you through change.

Customer focus: Each intervention in company is preceded by a needs assessment with the CEO/HR team. We adapt to our client’s needs: recruitment, talent retention, development … We are your partners in achieving success.

Interactive: The business world is evolving and new societal expectations are emerging on the part of employees. We intervene to facilitate its transformation and to streamline this (r) evolution by co-building it with employees through workshops.

Expertise: We propose to measure and to identify your employees’ expectations by utilising our study conducted with the Luxembourg Institute of Sciences and Technology (LIST) on the turnover in companies based in Luxembourg.

Experience: We work with all types of organisation including multinationals, banks, universities, European agencies, TPE, SME’s and start-ups.

Target focused: Helping your company adapt to a changing world by developing their true potential: their human wealth, namely the talents of each of their collaborators so that they become solution finders.

Upfront assessment: We conduct three interconnected assessments at the start to properly understand the staff members, their potential and to uncover the levers of change.

Innovation: Elaborate tailor-made solutions for your company with its employees on the Bottom Up principle.

Value for money: We have approval as a vocational training provider from the Luxembourg Government. This enableslifelong-learning-member-b-fr you to benefit from a discount of 20 % gross (14% net of tax) of the total amount of the investment




P’OP works with students who lack academic success, offering them personalized coaching, which will enable them to be prepared for the world of the company that awaits them. The P’OP consulting firm helps the student to avoid dropping out of school and to reconnect with success through personalized support courses.

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P’OP works with teachers lacking inspiration, offering them an accompaniment that will enable them to energize their classes and create links with their students. The consultancy proposes to the schools to stimulate new dynamics in their pedagogical teams.

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P’OP works for companies by offering them tailor-made intervention within their structure, in order to compensate for the high turnover they must face to. P’OP offers companies the opportunity to analyze their stakes and to probe the aspirations of their collaborators. The aim is to (re) define their values and act in line with the aspirations of their employees, in order to make them want to invest in the medium and long term.

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