Déc 16

Millennials Are Dead. Long Live Generation C!


What is Generation C?  

Back in 2012, digital analyst Brian Solis defined Generation C as the “Connected Consumer.” He pointed out that anyone who integrates technology into their daily routine, regardless of age, shares certain qualities.

What’s the key to reaching Gen C?

Reaching Gen C means having a keen understanding of click-worthy – the art of creating shareable, entertaining, useful and highly visual content.

The reality is that Gen C is everywhere. Plenty of Millennials belong to this group, but so do lots of Gen Xers and Yers, not to mention lots of Boomers. The digital transformation – and all the cultural changes that have accompanied this upswing in connectivity – has cut across traditional demographics. For companies, looking at consumers and employees in terms of strict age parameters simply no longer makes sense.


Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/millennials-dead-long-live-generation-c-ryan-holmes

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