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1. B-Talent   ukallemand fr

The test based on the theory of multiple intelligences makes it possible to detect and activate talents. It’s easier to deal with issues and solve problems when we are connected to them. By valuing talents companies enable diversity, creativity and performance improvement.

Two trends coexist today in companies inspired by the new values and expectations of Generation Y. Our study(1) has shown that the generational profile cannot be reduced to age. Our tests identify generational profiles.

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2. P’OP EVOL’  fr

As an alternative to the annual evaluation, P’OP proposes a new evaluation framework based on the welfare, agility, and coherence. This constructive assessment allows N + 1 to be used in many ways and in many ways the collaborators – formations – and fines.
A tremendous economic growth rate has been offset by the managers of N-1 managers by means of our bottom up rating. The changers are constructive, instructive, transparent, and allow you to express yourself and to be entrusted!
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3. S-TALENT   fr

Adapted to the world of study, the talent test enables young people to uncover their strengths to optimize their work method.
Genuine assistance in orientation, it enables students to study the projects in the future.
P’OP proposes the test during a coaching profile appointment but it is also available online for all interested students.

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